About us

First translation agency of our company was established in 1994.

Our agencies are a team of professional translators and interpreters with philological and special education and great experience in various spheres who are united with an aim to provide high-quality services.

Medical, technical, legal, economic translations, interpreting, business talks - those are only some of the services that we are offering to you. Specialists of our Company can provide not only the most common translations into Russian, Latvian, English or German, but also translations from/ into Lithuanian, Estonian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Chinese, Hungarian, Turkish, Serbian, Rumanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Macedonian, as well as from Portuguese and Danish and some other languages.

When translating documents for official use in public or private establishments, we also provide notarization of translations or certification of translations by sworn translator if necessary. We have three offices in the centre of Riga and in the Old Town.

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